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Indian Navy Artificer Appprentices Examination

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The Indian Navy is the naval branch of the armed forces of India. The President of India serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy. The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), usually a four-star officer in the rank of Admiral, commands the Navy.

Though the primary objective of the navy is to secure national maritime borders, India also uses its navy to enhance its international relations through joint exercises, port visits and humanitarian missions, including disaster relief. In recent years, the Indian Navy has undergone considerable modernisation to replace aging equipment currently in service, this is often seen as part of "India's drive" to become a fully fledged blue-water navy.

The Indian Navy is a high technology service, which operates and maintains highly sophisticated ships, submarines and aircraft.

The propulsion machinery, weapons, sensors and equipment are on board. These weapon platforms are operated and maintained by sailors, who are given training at various intervals during their service.


In Indian Navy there are four types of recruitment process for the entry of sailors - Artificer Apprentice exam, Artificer [DE (DH)] exam, MER (Matric Entry Recruit) and NMER (Non-Matric Entry Recruit).


Qualified in 10+2 equivalent examination with 60%

or more mark in aggregate with Maths & Physics and at least on of these subjects :


(रसायन विज्ञान / जीवविज्ञान / कंप्यूटर विज्ञान।)

Exam fees

The application may be uploaded from Common Service Centres (CSC) across the country, against a fixed fees of Rs 60 + GST. This facility is entirely optional.

How to apply

candidates can apply online through the website

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