Career Options in Marketing Manager


An MBA degree in Marketing is one of the most sought after degree by both students as well as corporate in recent time. With an increasing importance of digital and online marketing, many companies now have their own, in-house marketing teams that aim to bring customers and potential customers to the company.

MBA in marketing does cover a majority of portion which is required for entry level managerial management jobs, but marketing itself is a much broad area. One needs to be specialized in one area according to his interest. It may come out of experience or certain specialized study or certifications. Those skill set can be used to explore one best among many career options, from marketing consulting to entrepreneurial management.

Educational Qualification

The very nature of marketing requires a lot of networking, communication, understanding others including customers and competitors, and being flexible to work for any industry- be it financial products to FMCG products, from agricultural commodities to aircrafts. It requires a good understanding of human behavior analytical and quantitative skills.

Anyone can pursue MBA in marketing, without much difference with respect to academic background. Individuals with good knowledge and application of mathematics and the soft skills like communications, tend to do excellent in MBA-Marketing. Ability to work in different teams and leadership quality is another prerequisite for pursuing this course.

Important institute

Scope & career opportunities

As a marketing manager, your responsibility would be to lead the marketing team for different activities like promotion of new products at specific times, tracking existing products are performing and positioned in the market, advertise for new and existing products, networking among channels to increase sales, coordinating between a company’s research & development teams, advertising, and brand strategy teams. His role doesn’t have limited set of responsibilities and broadly includes everything which can lead to company’s success at market place.