Career Options in Commissioning Engineer


Commissioning engineering jobs and careers were created to address the demand of various technological advances that have taken place in recent decades. Commissioning engineers are responsible for ensuring that a product, piece of equipment or machinery functions properly and meets the client's requirements and specifications. Commissioning engineers usually test products in the final stages of production. Their duties typically include documenting their work, writing reports, troubleshooting, scheduling, providing technical support and, if they work in senior or lead roles, supervising staff.

Educational Qualification

A candidate who wants to pursue a career in commissioning engineering should have an array of useful skills as well as the appropriate educational background to meet the demands of the job. Some of these skills include organization, interpersonal skills and the ability to work under pressure. The educational background that is required for this type of position is a four year degree in an engineering discipline, such as mechanical or construction engineering. Also, a master’s degree and externship may be required for additional experience within the field. Commissioning engineering positions are not entry-level jobs and require significant experience in a field related to engineering, construction, or commissioning

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