Career Options in Poet


Poetry is a type of creative writing – or literary art – that is meant to express ideas, thoughts, feelings, and emotions, but with a unique style and rhythm. Pieces composed as poetry are commonly referred to as poems.

There are a number of different types of poetry, some more common than others. Many poems, for instance, will tell stories. Some, on the other hand, are nothing more than an outpouring of emotions, including anger, sadness, and elation. Although many people associate rhymes with poetry, this is not always the case. Some poems are written using each letter of a word or phrase as the first letter of each line, and some are even written so that their words form a shape, such as a heart or a tree. A poem can be long, or it can be short. Some poems are novel length, for instance, while others consist of nothing more than a few lines.

Poetry has been one of the most popular types of literature throughout history. While it may not be as popular today as it was centuries, poets are still going strong. In fact, some may even argue that there is a little bit of a poet in everyone.

Educational Qualification

In general, a person does not necessarily need any sort of formal education to pursue a poetry career. Excellent writing skills, however, are almost always essential in order to have a successful writing career.

For some, the best way to hone their writing skills is by earning a degree in writing. Students working toward this type of degree will often find themselves starting with the basic rules of writing and expanding from there. While in school, they will also have a chance to choose several elective writing courses as well. Those interested in professional poetry careers should take poetry writing courses and creative writing courses. These types of courses not only help a student hone his craft, but they can also get the creative juices flowing.

Scope & career opportunities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professional writers and authors made an average salary of around $65,960 in 2010.

Because poetry is not nearly as popular today as it was decades ago, however, most poets will find that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to make that much money with a poetry career. In fact, some poets may not ever make one dime from their poetry, and they must usually hold down other employment.

Making a living with a poetry career, however, is not an impossible dream. With creativity, determination, and a poet’s soul, nothing is impossible.