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Career Ki Raha is a global educational platform in the form of a magazine and web portal. The goal is to provide a platform to our clients and candidates, students informing them about institutional, courses, government jobs, fee structures, future scope ets.

Talking about the magazine, the magazine "Career Ki Raha" is in circulation across institutes om M.P. and Chhattisgarh from last ten years ,and has guided many students and educators. Career Ki Raha magazine acts as major disciplines be it engineering, medicals commerce, arts, low, government jobs and so on.

With the successful circulation since 10 years, our magazine offers a unique opportunity to advertise to its most frequent, valuable & potencies costumers. The magazine contains advertisements from a audience. We have professionally trained our network of distributors across MP so that our magazine reached in right hands.

Career Ki Raha magazine is a monthly magazine in the Educational segment . This magazine carries limited advertisements & thas it ensures high visibility to all readers. The magazine is produced by quality publisher & is utilized by many prestigious high and bronds to support their advertising campaigns.

This "Career Ki Raha Magazine Advertising" is a Proven Method for successful campaign as it gives you the opportunity to promote your brand to target readers.

Place your advertisement in the hands of the most valuable audience of Career Ki Raha & get you visibility in your target audience.

Distribution Channel

Career Ki raha magazine is distributed free of cost directly to all students at the examination centers and all institutes, schools, Colleges, Coaching center & Universities of Madhya Pradesh.

Advantages of Career Ki Raha

Our website provides free accurate information on schools, colleges, universities, institutes, fee structure etc. magazine

If you advertise your brand with "", you get the following futures:

  • One webpage developed on ""
  • One "Career Ki Raha" email id will be provided e.g.
  • A control panel manages control of webpage
  • Presence on online search engines after a period of time
  • Print promotion by educational directory in your respective city
  • Adding your institute as featured listing on the most relevant page
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